Friday, June 13, 2008

If We Were a Family of 5

This is what we'd look like (with of course me still being behind the camera):

Rondell and I sometimes go back and forth about whether or not we'd have another child. I've always dreamed of having a large family and when I think about long-term I would love to have one or two more. But then reality hits! We have just decided the financially, emotionally, and spiritually that two is enough for the Davis household (especially as Caleb gets older and "explores" more).

When we watch Mila we try and picture whether or not we could do it and realize that for us it would be too much! I have a lot of respect for those couples who have more than two (BTW: we just met a couple tonight who is pregnant with their 10th, yes 10th, child. They are not too much older than us either and no there are no multiples...she has been pregnant TEN TIMES!). So, unless God has other plans (and we all know He can do that), we will be a family of four.

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