Monday, May 26, 2008

Cuz You Gotta Have Friends

Yesterday one of my oldest and dearest friends was in town. Melanie lives in NJ and works in New York. I've know her since we were in the 3rd grade, so we go way back. She was in Cleveland visiting her parents and decided to drive to Columbus to see Marja's baby, Mila..and me too. After church I met Melanie, Marja and Mila at Children's Urgent Care because Marj was checking to see if Mila had pink eye (she doesn't). So, Mel and I caught up the in Urgent Care waiting room. Then we went to lunch. YUM!

Later Marja and Melanie came over to my house so she could see Ron and the kids. It was really nice spending time with her because I miss her a lot. She always makes me laugh and keeps me updated with what's going on in the fashion world.

Love you Mel!

Marja, Me and Melanie

Marja, Jamison, Me and Melanie

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