Monday, May 26, 2008

The Most Expensive Haircut EVER!

Jamison has always had a lot of hair. So, even though she's only four I have gotten her hair trimmed a few times to keep it healthy. Well, it had been a while and just in preparation for the summer I decided to have to go to my hair stylist. Juanita was the first person to trim Jamison's hair and I completely trust her but since her shop is far from our house I usually take her to the kid shop around the corner. But this day she was going to see Miss Juanita.

Rondell took her since my friend Melanie was in town. When they got home she looked BEAUTIFUL. Then Rondell told me the price and the joy went out the window. SIXTY DOLLARS. She's FOUR!!!!! When I had long hair and went regularly to Juanita I paid that much but I'm grown. I almost fell out the chair. I even called Juanita to make sure that was right. It was.

So, I can say that from now on we'll be going to the shop around the corner for $15!

Here's a pic of the most expensive haircut ever...

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