Monday, May 26, 2008

Garage Sale/Lemonade Stand

This past weekend we had our first garage sale. It was kind of last minute but we were ready. We set up early Saturday morning and waited, and waited... We only got a few "customers" and didn't make that much but we'll try again. Our major sell was our futon from the basement. It took a lot for Rondell to get it upstairs, but it's gone and that's such a relief to us!
Here's a look at our sale:

Miss Jamison had her first lemonade stand. She was so excited initially but once the people came she got nervous. She did pretty well though...maybe better than we did at our sale, :) My dad, Papa D, drove 2 1/2 hours to buy a cup a lemonade from his favorite (and only) granddaughter. She was SO excited to see him, but I don't think she realized how great of a thing that was for him to do.

"That'll be 25 cents please."

By the afternoon the kids were pooped. This picture is so funny to me. All I could think was "please Jamison, don't pass gas on your brother."

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