Saturday, May 3, 2008

Capturing the Moment

There should be a picture HERE!

I have to get better about capturing the moments with my camera. Tonight I had a few girlfriends over to watch the movie 27 dresses. Rondell's mom was supposed to either watch the kids for us or Rondell was going to go to her house with the kids, but she had to go out of town. So, Rondell, being the wonderful husband that he is, took the kids upstairs and entertained them for the evening.
Once my friends left and I cleaned up downstairs I came upstairs and saw this...oh, that's right I forgot the grab my camera and capture the moment. The moment was my three favorite people curled up in my bed asleep! How adorable...and no proof.
Gotta do better next time. Maybe I was just capturing the moment in my head and taking the time to oh and ah over them. Still, would have been nice to have a picture.

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