Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Thoughts :)

Well Friends, Thanksgiving is one week from today...where does the time go?  Are you hosting?  I am, but that sounds fancier than it really is.  I am hosting me, Rondell, the kids & my mom.  This year I wanted to stay low-key and make a meal at home.  I can't wait to work on the preparations this week (I'm not quite as prepared as it shows here, but my "event" is much smaller)...which leads me to a few thoughts as I get things ready:

~  One of the things I will be working on this week is a deep cleaning of the house.  Come Thanksgiving Eve & Day all I want to worry about is final food preparations and spending quality time with my family.
In the next week my plan is to make my home spotless...mostly in the kitchen & my dining area (and yes, I have started working on cleaning my craft space).  I plan to clean out the fridge really good and also make sure my containers are all organized...because we'll need that in order to put food away after our dinner.  I also need to check my spices.  I think I buy sage each year and sometimes I end up with more than enough I'll be sure to check that out this year before I head to the store.
~  I told you how I started my list for Thanksgiving in my new planner...this includes a grocery list.  I've been trying to buy things here and there as I've seen them on sale.  In my mind I go through each part of the meal (for both breakfast and dinner because we're also having a yummy breakfast) and while I'm cleaning the kitchen I can look for the items that I already sage :).
Oh, and I'm cheating and ordering my turkey from my local grocery store.  I have done this before and it is SO worth it...the meat is tender and I don't have to fuss with the preparation that goes along with baking a turkey.  It's a win/win for everyone! 

~  I thought it would be fun to have cute table decorations too...especially for the kids.  I have tagged this post by Just a Girl and hope to put together a cute table setting.

~  To keep the kids busy while I'm cooking I have been looking for some fun crafts for them to do. Two years ago we make these thankful turkeys:
We will probably do this again and I'm in search of a few more.  I was thinking of having them make their own placemats.

~  The last thing I was thinking about is showing others my appreciation.  I was driving by the crossing guard who works for Jamison's school this morning...she was all bundled up making sure a child got across the street safely.  My thought is to take her hot chocolate next week.  I also want to take cookies to my neighbor for staying with Jamison while she's at the bus stop each morning.

So...those are my thoughts...things I'm writing out.  You know I love a good plan :)


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I don't think buying a turkey is cheating at all. I would be doing the same thing if my grandmother didn't make the turkey every year:) The one time I baked a turkey it made a HUGE mess in my oven! I love the idea of letting the kiddos make placemats! I need to do some fun stuff like that with my boys next week because they are out of school all week!

Carrie said...

Those are great planning ideas sound like you got a great plan! I have never hosted Thanksgiving, it's on my list, I hope we get a chance to do it soon, but it's hard with our families since we are the ones who live the furthest away. :-) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! {my kitchen and pantry are in need of a deep cleaning either way! ;-) }

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Cute link, Kelli for the Thanksgiving prep!! You have great plans in the making-
I'm not hosting. My mom always does. I usually help her a bit with making a 7 layer salad to bring and the yeast rolls. Oh! And I do polish her silver eating utensils. Not kidding. That has been my 'job' for years and years...
I love your ideas for the hot cocoa and cookies!!

Rach said...

I wish I had thought to get the turkey from our grocery's kitchen. Drat!

I too am on a cleaning frenzy. My mom arrives next Wednesday and I want the house perfect! :o)

It's just our little family and Mom and Paul. It should be wonderful and low-key. That's my goal at any rate. It's also my birthday! I'm SO doing the pie buffet instead of a cake!! ;o)

Your crossing guard will love the hot chocolate. What a wonderful idea!

Joanna said...

Thanksgiving is coming fast, that is for sure. This year has really flown by a lot quicker than I would have ever thought it would. Thanksgiving will be fantastic at your house! We aren't hosting, we always go to my brothers house in Alabama for the holiday. I still lend a hand with cooking while there, but this year Zack and I are in charge of dessert so we'll be up that morning bright and early baking. Love the idea of a cute kids table!