Wednesday, November 9, 2011

35 Things :)

Well Friends it is birthday is officially over.  I had a wonderful day & received a ton of love.  I thought I'd list 35 things (since I'm 35 now) that made my birthday great, in no particular order.  And I apologize ahead of time for zero pictures ;)

1.  Coming into work and seeing my desk completely decorated with a banner, streamers and balloons.
2.  The kids singing Happy Birthday to me.
3.  Wearing my favorite color.
4.  Texts that I received wishing me a Happy Birthday...even the one that came in at 5am.
5.  Emails from dear friends.
6.  Birthday voicemails complete with the Happy Birthday song.
7.  My grandfather remembering my birthday and calling me to sing.
8.  Reading a tweet from my brother saying that I am the best :)
9.  Eating pizza twice.
10.  Having my boss sit and eat lunch with us because it was my birthday.
11.  Pizza from my favorite pizza place for dinner (and having leftovers for lunch today!).
12.  The sweet sign that my kids and their friends made for me.
13.  My friend Tasha taking a picture of the kids with the sign and framing it for me (I'll have to share that with you).
14.  Gifts on my desk from co-workers.
15.  Getting to talk to one of my oldest and dearest friends on my way to work.
16.  Getting to talk to a friend who is like a sister to me on my way home from work.
17.  Renee and Toshianna signing to me first thing in the morning.
18.  A sweet e-card from my Daddy.
19.  Exercising my right to vote (and not having to wait in line).
20.  Making videos on my phone of the kids signing to me so that I could play them throughout the day.
21.  All of the sweet Facebook messages.
22.  The sweet and thoughtful card from my mom, complete with a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory.
23.  The yummy cherry crisp pie that my mom brought for dessert...YUM!
24.  The CD by one of my favorite artists that my honey gave to me.
25.  A sweet little note from Jamison's teacher wishing me a Happy Birthday.
26.  All of the Happy Birthdays from co-workers (since my desk was decorated everyone who walked by knew it was my birthday).
27.  All of the hugs I received.
28.  Not having to do any dishes :)
29.  Watching a good episode of NCIS (sometimes I do love a good cliff hanger).
30.  Rondell not having to work at Best Buy.
31.  My friend Lyndsey's gift to me...a hanger for my keys that hooks onto my purse so that I don't lose my keys (I'll have to share that too).
32.  Abbie's world-famous chocolate chip cookies.
33.  The gorgeous was 70 degrees with beautiful blue skies.
34.  The smile on my
35.  God blessing me with another year and allowing me to be surrounded my wonderful people.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

It sounds like you had an amazing birthday...and I somehow missed it! So I guess I have to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day late:) I think #28 would have been my favorite thing ever..and pizza twice in one day is pretty great too!

Angie said...

Happy Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had an amazing day. Pizza and chocolate chip cookies sound perfect! Oh and the hugs too!

carissa said...

happy 35 years! 35 has never looked so good!!! i'm a pizza girl, too... had homemade pizza for dinner last night and lunch today. it was in your honor and i didn't even know it. : )

Rach said...

I've been waiting for this post! Happy birthday one more time. :o)

What a wonderful day you had full of happiness and smiles. What more could a girl ask for? :o)

Sarah said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a fantastic birthday! Having pizza twice totally cracked me up. Sounds good to me :)

LeAnna said...

That sounds like a WONDERFUL birthday!!!! Not having any dishes to do sounds pretty darn nice. ;)

Controlling My Chaos said...

It sounds like you had a nice birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!

Rachel said...

Happy Belated 35th Birthday!

You are BLESSED my friend!

Joanna said...

You have an amazing birthday, it sounds like filled with lot's of love, friends and family!