Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'll Be Back Soon...

Hello Friends.  Can I just say that I miss you all?!?!  I have made the commitment to be back to regularly scheduled blogging starting on Friday...with Friday Favorites.

I'm not sure why, but it has been a struggle lately about where to take this lovely blog of mine.  If you have any thoughts about what you like seeing over at my place let me know...what are your favorite posts/topics?

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and I will see you on Friday (with pictures I might add).

And just in case you're missing me too much:


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I have been missing you! I've been struggling with my blog lately too...but I just sat down and made a list of at least 15 different projects that I want to work on this month so hopefully I will have a ton of blogging material soon:) Maybe you should make a list to get yourself motivated!

Carrie said...

:-) I have been missing you...but I completely hear you on the blogging...it seems that way for all of blogosphere :-) I have not been visiting others as much either. It's a busy time of year...and i can't seem to blog without pics, so if I have no pics than I don't blog! ha!

Take care...you know we're always here when you come back :-)

and I love everything you post..especially that sweet smile on miss jamison! :-)

Angie said...

I am missing you lady!

I understand though. I miss reading all the blogs I used to read. There just isn't enough time in the day. I have to remind myself to keep my priorities in check. I know my blog buddies understand life gets busy!

Enjoy your break and we will be here when you get back!


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Ditto what Angie said. There isn't enough time in the day. I will say that as far as the direction of your blog, I personally love you being you. You always mange to write something that zaps me right between the eyes spiritually. Just sayin'.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. xoxoxo

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Miss you too... ;) I'll be back to see your Friday post!!

Rach said...

I have periods where I struggle to up with anything to write and other times I have so much I have to pace myself. I just went through a down time and now I find myself with too much. Feast or famine, huh? :shakes head:

I HAVE missed you. I'm glad you're coming back!! :o)

And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of you with your precious girl. It makes me smile so big! :o0

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i think you should only write for you. sounds selfish, i know. but, write whatever the Lord is teaching you, or what things you are enjoying, or even little fun things like food or fashion. your blog is you in written form, so just keep it eclectic and keep sharing your heart!

Nancy said...

I am with Carissa. I took a break for about 6 months and really enjoyed it and needed it. I got a little too consumed with the blog and had to just step back and go into a holding pattern. Yes, have your writing be for you. We all love to read what is on YOUR heart. xoxo