Monday, February 7, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Football, food & commercials...did you watch?  I half watched because I wasn't super enthused about either team.  We did have some yummy food (just me and parties)...pulled pork, homemade mac & cheese (I think some of my best yet) and meatballs.  One of my favorites parts about the Super Bowl is the commercials...I guess I love stupid humor.

2.  Weekend posting...I rarely do it.  I try and take a break from blogging on the weekends and soak up time with my family.  I do get in time every once in a while, during nap or if Rondell has to work late on a Saturday night.  This weekend I put up a major Home Management Binder.  You have to check it out (here).  You know how there are just some posts that you're really excited about...this is one of mine.  AND I really think the binder will be a lot of help to keep us organized.  I'm on a mission :)

3.  Cookie Champs...I think.  I have not officially heard but I think that Jamison sold the most cookies in her troop.  We went to a bowling event yesterday with her troop and a few moms mentioned it, that she was probably the top seller.  I'm so excited for her (and really nervous about how to deliver all of those cookies!).  She sold 423!

4.  My Favorite's just one week away!  I love, love Valentine's Day.  Jamison and I have started making the Valentine's for her classmates and Girl Scouts.  I have started on a little something for my friend Lyndsey too...I hope she likes it.  Next week I'll show you the little things that I'm making...including the coolest bookmarks.

5.  Feedback...just curious.  What are your thoughts on a second grader being grounded because of a report card.  Not Jamison, one of her classmates.  For some reason it struck me as odd, but maybe it's normal.  Thoughts?


Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

Hmmm, not sure how I feel about grounding a 2nd grader for their report card. At that age, I think it's more about inserting yourself as a parent to diagnose/correct whatever the issue is and less about punishing a child.

I love, love, love your home management binder! It's definitely something I want to replicate but it stands behind forty other things, ha!

Congrats to Jamison :) I can't wait for my Thin Mints to arrive. I refrained from buying the Samoas because I know it would just be self-destruction! No willpower when I open a box of those...

Stacey said...

Regarding grounding a second grader for a report card--I would investigate the reasons why before I took any action. Is an intervention needed? Some kind of plan to get the child back on track academically? Do they need extra help?
If none of those is the answer, is it a behavioral problem (like too much socializing)? If so, then I would take priveleges away, one day at a time. Good communication with the teacher is essential for this to work, because the child is rewarded for making progress (performing up to expectations) or loses something valuable (TV time, etc.) if they choose not to comply.

Grats on cookie champs! That is just awesome!

Your blog brings a smile to my face every day Kelli, I read faithfully. I was surprised that you posted on a weekend, because I'm used to you taking the weekends off. Glad you got your binder done, it's a nice project.

Will you email me with your snail mail addy please? I would like to send a little something your way, if that's ok.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

We had some friends over for the game and we half watch and half chatted:) And we had some yummy food too...probably too much! Congrats to Jamison!! And I'm not sure about the grounding thing unless the child is not doing their work when they have the ability and the grounding will keep them home to work on their grades.

Becca said...

Yay for J!! But yuck that you have to deliever them all. We are lucky here and get our cookies in advance to go around selling - M is almost to her goal of 500, but that included 9 BOOTHS!!!!!!

Grounded? An 8 year old? Depends on how severe and WHY the grades are so bad. SOunds to me that more parental help and intervention could help with grades better. At that age, they need an adult to show them discipline to get work down. Grounding for grades come after they KNOW what that looks like - junior high or high school.


Carrie said...

mmmmm...sounds like some good eats! ;-) We just watched the game at home too, but ordered pizza and had snacks! And I just love to watch the commercials too! Some were not so great, but I laughed at some too!
I love the binder! You are awesome! I would love to take the time to do that...I bet it helps tons to keep track of everything...great job! I bet it took a lot of work, but so worth it!

Well...speaking of grounding a second grader...Alex isn't quite grounded, but he had his electronics taken away until he can pass 5 AR tests. He's just not passing them, and although they aren't for a grade, he is just not focusing. Dan talked to the teacher and we found out there is a small group of boys that are talking sometimes and not paying until he can get his attention where it needs to be...he's grounded from the DS, ipod, tv in his room, computer and wii! yikes! but they can be huge we'll see. His grades are great, he just needs to focus on his reading and comprehension ;-)

And way to go Jamison! That's awesome! Wow! Good luck delivering all of those! What an accomplishment! ;-)

Rach said...

I too enjoyed most of the commercials. :o)

I loved your binder and was inspired. ;oP

Go Jamison!! :o) The most boxes I EVER sold was 75, lol.

Gotta make Valentines...thanks for the reminder.

Um, not sure how I feel about the grounding. I taught second grade for seven years and I can tell you stories that would curl your hair. That said, I suppose if the child had been warned, and warned and told what the consequences were going to be, and they still came home with a report card that they had been told not to, the parents were forced to follow through whether they wanted to or not. That is one of my biggest things as a parent and teacher--don't say something you can't/don't want to follow through on.

Otherwise, I think that's a pretty strange consequence for a seven year old...:oS

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

That is so young to be grounded over grades. Much too young!

You gals are sure going to have a sweet Valentine's Day! I love it too. I just wish the candy was as good as it is at Easter. : )

Your organizer is awesome!