Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finally...My Home Management Binder!!!!

It's done...and I can't be more excited.  This is a project that I've wanted to do for a long time so when Toni said that this was the first weekly challenge I was determined to get it done.  She did a great post on how to prepare and I used it as a guide.  There are some sections that I didn't include...

Calendar...we already keep our family calendar that I created on the fridge (as seen here) because I think it's easier for my family to see it there.

To Do...I live by my planner and any To Do list goes there.
School...since we have the school bin (seen here) I didn't include this section in my binder.

  So...come with me as I walk you through my binder: 
Raise your hand if you're surprised that it's yellow :)  I took a sheet of my SU Designer Series Paper and cut it to size to fit the cover.  I then typed out the title in a cute font and framed it with a piece of Daffodil Delight card stock.  I used sheet protectors throughout the binders to keep the sheets fresh.
I even used some DSP for the spine of the binder.

 My Sections 

Family Information

 Currently I have an information sheet that has our phone contact information, medical information, Jamison's school contact information (including her teacher), and emergency contacts.  This will be helpful when Aunt Roni is at our house or if we have a sitter here watching the kids...the contact information if all right there.

 This page is mainly for when Aunt Roni comes over during the week.  I created this sheet so that she has any information that she needs to know since she gets Jamison ready in the morning and then cares for Caleb all day...if Jamison is packing or buying, what "special" Jamison has that day, any medication that she may need to give each child and I will add what kind of snack to give Jamison after school.

Meal Planning

This section is quite not complete yet...I still need to create a sheet for weekly meal planning, but other than that it's done.

I created a master grocery list so that I won't have to write out the basics that we regularly buy each time Rondell goes to the store.  I split it up into sections and included an "Other" section for special items that I need to create meals.

I added a folder to hold menus from carryout restaurants that we frequent.  Now when my Dad comes to visit he'll be able to quickly find the menu for City BBQ :)
I also have a folder for coupons to various restaurants and pizza places.


I created a master cleaning schedule that includes weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cleaning tasks.  I used this site for help with the monthly, quarterly, and annual items.  This sheet may change over time, but for now it is a schedule that will work for our family's lifestyle.


Right now this section is empty because Rondell and I need to sit down and come up with a serious financial plan.  I have plans to include our budget, a plan to pay down our debt, and I may include a contact sheet for our accounts (tip from Toni!).


Here's my contacts section.  I still have to type up the sheets, but I will include family, friends, Girl Scout friends, etc on separate sheets.  This way when I need to send out a card or give someone a call all the information will be in one place.
I added a sheet protector for business cards of companies that we've used or need to use.
 To File

I put two pocket folders behind this tab for things that I need to file either in our finance bin or something for my Stampin Up! stuff.
Vacation Folder

Lastly, I added a folder for all vacation information about our upcoming trip to Destin.  This way I can file things here and then just grab the folder when it's time to go.  So far I have all of our condo information here and I will add my Destin checklist, hotel information (we stop in Tennessee on the way down), restaurant information, & directions.  This folder still needs a label.

That's's done (pretty much)!!!!  I can already tell how helpful this will be to have in the house.  

Thanks for the challenge Toni!


LeAnna said...

Girl, that looks awesome!!!!!

Rach said...


Hm. I think I might need to make one of these...Thanks for the inspiration. :o)

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow did it. I am so proud of you. That looked like such hard work. You go! I am officially jealous.

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

I totally love this idea!!! I had read about it probably a week ago now and when I was in Target today it slipped my mind to pick up a binder and page dividers :( We are so in need of something like this...especially with the short term memory issues I have been having!

I am proud of you for getting it done :)

P.S. when is your trip to Destin? I'm hoping it coincides with a trip to Tally for us!

schwadette said...

Hey girlie... you should check out it's what we're using... SO SIMPLE! even I can do it!! :) It's really helping us with sticking to it! Love your binder!!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Kelli, this looks great! I was going to *try* to get mine done, but it didn't happen! :( I really like all of the sheets you created to go inside your binder. This looks like something that will definitely help you keep on top of things! Great work!

Drew's Mom said...

I really LOVE this! and now it's been added to my Must-Do list. I already keep track of these things separately, but it'll be so much more convenient to have it all in one place. Thanks for sharing!

PS~Erin said...

It's beautiful! And I love the name of it. You are inspiring me (more like kicking me in the bootie).

Becca said...

This is fantastic!!!