Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Do Thursday!

Hello there Friends and Happy Thursday. You may not think this when you get done reading what I've done (or haven't done), but I truly love this weekly listing. It is keeping me accountable and making me think about why things aren't getting done. This week's revelation...I don't make good enough use of my weekends. I tend to have an all-play weekend when I really need to do at least one item on my list (or two). With that, this weekend I'm going to put my list into action!

Here's the run down from last week:

1. Clean under the kitchen sink...No. This will be added to this week.

2. Clean out junk drawer...DONE. My plan was to remove all of the items in the junk drawer, move them to a different location and then turn the drawer into a utensil drawer. Here are the results:

I removed the stuff from the drawers (they were already in these containers) and moved all of it to a shelf in one of my cabinets. It was a shelf that wasn't really being used so I thought I'd give it a try.

I wiped the drawer out and lined it with one of my kitchen towels. I might change that and buy some new contact paper...I haven't decided.

Here is where my utensils were housed before...on the counter. It took up a lot of space and it was too dark for the kitchen.

I moved all of the utensils to the drawer and eventually I'll put more baking needs in here, like measuring spoons. Ahh...much better.

3. Start typing out recipes to put in recipe binder...DONE. I played around and, for the most part, figured out how to make a text box to type out my recipes individually. I will eventually print them all off, put them in sheet protectors and put them all into a binder. This will be an ongoing project :)

4. Buy a new sticky sheet for my Cricut...technically No. Rondell went to Walmart yesterday to buy one for me, but they didn't have any. I will have to try and find one this evening.

5. Make thank you notes...DONE. I got to play around with some of my new stamps, ink and paper to make a few cards for the guests of my workshop. I'll show you what I made on Tuesday.

6. Clean hall...No. The poor hall has been on this list for far too will be the first thing I tackle.

This Week's To Do List

1. Clean hall.

2. Clean and organize under kitchen sink.

3. Clean out school bin (the one I created here). I need to go through and throw away what we won't need this year and make any new folders if necessary.

4. Buy sticky sheet for my Cricut and make a cover for at least one year of BSF notes.


Rach said...

Again I say, I should post my to-do list as well. It would sure keep me honest.

I try to clean in bits and pieces so it's not so tedious. ;o)

Oo. You mentioned your new Poppy Parade paper arrived. What else did you get?? I can't wait to see what you create! :o)

Julie said...

Kelli, love this idea. Doesn't it feel great to cross things off that list!! Maybe if I made a list more often..I would get more done! ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

I love the accountability factor in posting this on your blog and following through with wether you did it or not. You are doing great.

Lissie said...

A number of years ago I switched to keeping all of my recipes on my computer. (I back up my hard drive often just in case ...). I have grown to like this method because of the ease of use. However, I kept all of the recipe cards my dear mother wrote out for me because I miss her so much and the cards are a lovely memento.


Rambling Girl said...

I think I need to make me a do to list also...I keep saying I am going to do some things around the house but keep putting them off...I do plan on cleaning my pantry out again this weekend.

Controlling My Chaos said...

I think keeping a weekly To Do List on your blog is a great idea. I know when I started blogging I was posting a lot of the things that I had been procrasting and it really motivated me to get things done. It still motivates me because I think "If I do that thing, I'll have something to post about."