Monday, July 26, 2010

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. I love bloggy friends...they are like modern day pen pals. Recently I hooked up with a fellow blogger to do a flip flop exchange (we both missed Becca's wonderful exchange this year). Kayla sent me a cool pair of flip flops and some neat things from her home state of Texas. Look:

A Texas cookie cutter, a Texas ice cube maker, and a Texas sticker. She also sent me some facts about her state. Thanks Kayla!

2. I am really REALLY excited that today starts the Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial soap event (with a note to say that they didn't ask me to say this). I love their soap and this week there is a huge sale...can't wait to go.

3. Caleb used the bathroom (in the bathroom) ALL weekend. This is truly an answer to prayer. He spent the day with my mother-in-law on Friday and I don't know what she said to him, but he's been going to the bathroom non-stop since he left her house. We took him to the toy store to get two new trains on Saturday (because he even pooped!). I pray this is the end of diapers.

4. I've decided that I need to add more yellow to my house. I LOVE yellow (in case you haven't heard) and there just isn't enough of it in my home. My kitchen is yellow, but I would like to make a yellow-based valance for the window. I'm also thinking of adding more yellow accents to my room as's such a happy color.


Emily said...

Yellow is really an "in" color this season too...I bet you find some really cute stuff!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i'm excited about #2!!! thanks for letting me know! i love their soap but only buy in the event of a major sale. so this makes me smile!

#3 has got to be such an awesome feeling! that mother-in-law needs to come to my house right around hunter's 2nd birthday in 7 mos. : )

yellow is so happy. you can't go wrong with adding happy to your house!

thanks for joining. i love to have you! happy monday!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy & Wife said...

How fun that you had your own flip flop exchange! I adore that cookie cutter! I always cut Noah's sandwiches into shapes using a cookie cutter and love ones with lots of surface area like that one!

I stocked up a ridiculous amount of soap during the last sale and it astounds me that it's almost all gone. Thanks for the reminder that it's back (and I have a 20% off coupon to boot!).

My best friend from childhood is a yellow lover too. I never see the color yellow without thinking of her and always buy her something yellow for her birthday. You're in good company!

Yay for Caleb! It feels like forever ago that Noah potty-trained and now we get to do it all over again with Noelle - ugh!

Hope this week is a great one :)

Rachel said...

Love Bath and Body Works. Love the soap event. Love that there is one two miles from my home. Don't love the amount EXTRA I always spend! :)

Yellow is a great color. I'm looking to paint a wall in my kitchen yellow.

Great Miscellany!

Becca said...

Yay!! So glad you got some flip flops!!! And from Texas too!! :))


Megan said...

Very cute blog!
I will be heading to bath & body works today to stock up on the sanitizer, thanks! Although my husband probably will not be saying thanks, but hey I'm keeping us clean and healthy!
I love yellow too, I think it makes everyone feel happy!

jaydee said...

your Texas package is fabulous. You are right... yellow is such a happy color. Have fun adding more of it to your house.

jennykate77 said...

I totally agree! Yellow is such a happy color!! Congrats on your little man using the potty!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your flip flops! I'm glad you still got in on the BFFE! Cute stuff! I really like this little meme! I may have to link up!!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Carrie said...

I love yellow too! I have a little bit in our kitchen too, but I'd love to paint a room yellow...It is a cheery color!

Way to go Caleb! Alex was tricky to train...he was three before we even started, and it took a while! Having someone else help out too sometimes makes all the difference!

OH...and love the FUN!

I need to get to B&B Works! I love their soap too, and we're about out! Yay!

Have a great week!

Angie S said...

oh joy! i love b&b and i had no idea their sale was this week! sweetness :)

i love yellow too, my kitchen is a fun shade of yellow.

i love your TX stuff. i have yet to find the ice trays. i love that! so cute.

have a wonderful week!

He & Me + 3 said...

My kitchen is yellow too. I love that color as well. Yah for Caleb. That is so great.
Love your flip flop exchange gift. Fun.

Lindy said...

Stopped over from Carissa's. Congrats on the potty training. We are still in the beginning stages. Thanks for the reminder of the Bath & Body Works Sale. I heart their soaps!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Those flip flops are so cute! And I love the Texas ice cube fun! YAY for Caleb using the potty! No more diapers is always a nice thing! I can't wait to see what yellow stuff you add around your house!

Barbie said...

I love your Texas goodies!

Thank you for the B&B sale announcement. I just love their soap so must get there quickly and stock up.

Yay for #3! Praying this continues.

Yellow makes me smile!

Have a great day!

Rach said...

Oh, WOW!! Go Caleb!!! :o) That's *awesome* news!!!!!

I too LOVE yellow. My studio is yellow and I think I would paint more rooms yellow if I could get away with it. :oP

What a wonderful exchange of goodies. Those flops are too cute. :o)

Krissy said...

We are so close to being potty trained too! I'm so excited and can't wait. Diapers are expensive!! :D

Visiting from Monday Miscellany! Hope you can stop by ours as well!

Stacey Thomas said...

I too love yellow! And I agree, I would like add more in my home as well.
Congratulations on the potty is such a tough row to hoe with boys, I think. Both my sons gave me a bit of trouble as far as length of time to fully train them went.
I am going to hit that sale as well, I will spend $40 and get enough soap for the year. I still have a bit from last year's sale. It's really hard for me to keep control of my spending during that sale, but I always feel good about what I walk out with.
Have a fantastic week!

Summer said...

love you random super cut and yay for potty training!! We were so stoked when Kelcee did this we took her to the toy store too :0)

Yay for B&B anti-bac sale, I totally forgot it starts today!! Thanks for the heads up

Yellow is such a happy cheery color,


Erin said...

A person can't ever have enough yellow! I so need to type my recipes...can't wait to see what you're doing with yours!

ohio12 said...

My mom is from Texas! I love the ice cube trays especially. Congrats on Caleb's achievement..I remember when he was born.

Lissie said...

I love yellow. When I bought a house last year--it was 25 years old--I painted the entire downstairs various shades of yellow. AND I have yellow (floral) valances on every window. No matter what room I sit in, it makes me happy.


Veronika said...

Love the Texas icecube tray! I am from Texas, born & raised, and have never seen one before! haha

PS~Erin said...

YAY! So excited about #3! Way to go Caleb (and G-ma and Mom)!

PS~Erin said...

YAY! So excited about #3! Way to go Caleb (and G-ma and Mom)!

phasejumper said...

#1 How fun! What did you send her?