Friday, July 23, 2010

Thanking God on Friday!

~ I am thankful that I got to spend a relaxing evening with my Mommy, just the two of us. We talked and watched TV. It was really an enjoyable time to just kick back and laugh with her...we should do it more often. I love you Mommy!

~ I am thankful for a few verses that have crossed by path this week. I'm really working on placing them in my heart and not just my head...does that make sense? I worry...and it's not a good thing. I realize too that it's going against my faith in God and these verses are helping me to be healed from worrying....Matthew 11:29-30, Matthew 6:34 & Psalm 51:12.

~ I am thankful for my cherry pie makes a really good cherry crisp.

~ I am thankful that Jamison said I am the best mom ever...that makes me smile.


Ruby Red Slippers said...

What a great list of things to be thankful for! Spending time with your mom is precious time-that's how I feel about time with mine! :)
Have a Great, Great weekend!

Miller Racing Family said...

Wonderful list. Isn't it amazing how our moms turn into one of our best friends. Little Miss. Jamison is so cute.
Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Becca said...

Give your worries to God and let your burdens be lighter!!!

You ARE an awesome mom, Kelli!!

Happy Friday!


He & Me + 3 said...

That is great when your kids tell you that you are the best. I love that. Makes it all worth it. Glad you had time with your mom this week too. I love spending adult time with mine. So fun.

Rach said...

I wish I could spend time with my mama. She's four and a half hours away. She was supposed to come visit this weekend, but plans changed. :o(

I completely understood what you meant about committing those verses to your heart not just your brain.

Hooray for the best mommy in the whole world! :o)

Lissie said...


My daughter, Rachael, told me about your blog. I love it! While we don't know each other, we share something in common, a love of family and creating cards.

All the best,

Joanna said...

Great list! I long for time with my momma. More here recently than anything.

I worry as well...I was doing something yesterday and began to worry and just kept telling myself, "god's in control...i put it on him". i think it worked! i just had to keep repeating that i have faith after that...i felt a weight lift from my shoulders but then after it was all over, i started to worry's hard!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Man! You and that cherry pie filling are really making me want a pie or crisp or cobbler:) Something with cherries and lots of sugar!

Julie said...

Yum..your mention of cherry pie filling for a crisp made me want some!! I'm a sucker for any kind of fruit crisp!!

Mom time is so fun, isn't it. My mom is truly one of my best friends!

Isn't it nice when our children "confirm" that we are good mommies! he he

Stacey Thomas said...

Kelli, I just love it when Evan tells me I'm the best mom ever. There is no feeling like it. Great list.


Kelly @ Blessed Mommy & Wife said...

I just love how close you are to your Mommy! I pray that my daughter and I always have that kind of close relationship :) And there is NOTHING better than hearing you're the best mommy from your child...sweet music to a mommy's ears!

I hope you have a fabulous week ahead :)

PS~Erin said...

Oh, that last one just melted my heart. What a wonderful thing to be told, especially from your daughter. Wow.