Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

~ Do your kids do this? - "I not tired, I not tired, I not ti...zzzzzzzzzz" Cracks me up every time.

~ Is it just me or is the news depressing...plane crashes, tornadoes, floods, oil spills, kids being attacked by dogs. Is it just the media or are things really getting that bad?

~ Mountain Dew has three new flavors they are testing out (check them out here). I've tried them and I'm not too excited about any of them...because you know, it's all about me. If I had to pick I would pick the tropical flavor.

~ My friend Lyndsey gave us a bunch of her sons' clothes they had outgrown for Caleb. Somehow I misplaced the bottoms to a bunch of the pjs she gave us and so often Caleb has on mismatched pjs. Last night I put on a pair that matched and he gasped and said "look Mommy, these match!"

~ I get tickled each time one of my IRL friends (the ones who don't have blogs) comments on my blog...the latest, my friend Tanysha. {Would you have said comment or comments in the last sentence...I struggled with this}

~ I can't believe 1st grade is almost over...where does the time go?


Joanna said...

Oh I know that i'm not tired all too well! I hear it often with Kelsie.

I haven't seen any new flavors by mtn dew unless "throwback" is one of them. I haven't tried it though, Zack did. He seemed to like it.

The world is getting that bad, it's scary! Prayer and God is the only thing that's gonna save us, I just wished everybody else knew that too.

That's great, I love hand me downs! I don't think my kids hardly ever go to bed matched, that is something they pick out themselves so they are bound to never match, haha.

I would have said comments too, although it may have been comment, I struggle with similar words as well.

Kelli said...

I, too, love the not tired/totally zonked routine. :) Tucker is usually more than willing to admit that he's tired and ready for bed, but Perri used to do that quite often.
I don't like ANY Mt. Dew, so I'm not help to you on that one. I'm a Pepper. :)
'Comments' would be my best guess. It is based on the fact that 'of my IRL friends' is a prepositional phrase (so you aren't basing it on 'friends') and the subject would be 'one' you'd say 'each time one comments on my...'. Clear as mud? ;)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

It took me a minute, but I think comments is right because it is the verb for the word one which is singular which needs a verb with an "s". I don't watch much news, so I don't really think things are getting worse. But I'm sure if I watched the news all the time I would be depressed!

jennykate77 said...

The news is soooooo depressing. I just trust in God and leave it all up to him. I hardly listen to the news anymore, unless I'm listening to weather and such.

I can't believe the school year is coming to an end! It went by so fast!! Isaiah will be in 1st grade next crazy!

Hope you're having a great week!♥

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Makenna actually asks to go to bed sometimes. Strange, huh? :) I'll tell ya, I don't even watch the news anymore. I haven't for a long time. I will tune in for a weather forecast, but that's about it. It is so very depressing. My husband teases me about it, and tells me I really should watch the news to be more "up to date" on events, but I can't handle it.

Vivienne said...

My kids are older, so they don't fight to stay awake, they fight to sleep in: "fiiie more minutes maaa... zzzz"

Yes. News is depressing, but we also hear about it instantly and are updated constantly, so there is no respite between bad news stories.

I don't drink soda at all, but Mountain Dew in its original form sounds like carbonated evil. I can't imagine what "new flavors" would entail.

Love Caleb.

I would have said "IRL friends leaves a comment..."

Holy cow with the school year almost gone?!

North Central Ohio Basketball said...

Tatum always says she isn't tired and then goes up to get her jammies on and is half asleep before I can even climb the stairs (just seconds behind).

Cracks me up!

He & Me + 3 said...

Unfortunately, my kids never do that. I swear they are nocturnal. They never sleep. Must get that from my mom.
I love it when my IRL friends comments too. It makes me feel special. LIke they actually do read it.
I can't believe school is almost over too. Where did this year go?

J.J. said...

if it is referring to the "one" it would be comments. If referring friends then comment. Example...friends comment on your blog...and a friend comments. The "one of my" throws me off though. been a long time. I could go consult aht little red grammar rules book though. -lol

I have not had a Mountain Dew in over 20 years...if not longer. I felt like my teeth were going to fall out when i did try it. Tropical anything sounds good though.