Friday, December 26, 2008

A Tribute to the Christmas Jammies

Ever since Jamison's second Christmas (she was only 3 months for her first Christmas) I have bought her and then Caleb Christmas pajamas to wear for Christmas morning. For whatever reason, this year I didn't get it together in time to get jammies for them. So, I thought in honor of the jammies I'd take a trip down jammie memory lane. Walk with me...

Christmas 2004...the footed snowflake jammies. This is when Ron would call her Thing 1 (from Cat in the Hat). She was adorable.

Christmas 2005, the Santa-striped jammies.

Christmas 2006...the candy cane-heart jammies. This was our first Christmas in our new house.

Christmas 2007...Caleb's first Christmas. This year I bought them matching jammies.

Next year I'll be back with it and the tradition will continue. Ooh, maybe there are some good sales and I can buy them in advance...hmmm.


Rondell said...

Awwww, memory lane!

Mike and Katie said...

I love her morning hair! Especially the second picture! You have to go pick some up so there isn't a gap in the Christmas/holiday pajama pictures. I'm sure they could use a new pair!

It's not too late!

Merry Christmas!