Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rollin with the Big Kids

I'm at home today because Paw Paw has the stomach flu (thanks to Caleb!). So, I walked Jamison to the bus stop this morning and Caleb, of course, was with me. The kids at the bus stop are all older than Jamison, except for Halle who is in her class. Still, Jamison gets along with them and they are very accepting of her.
What was funny this morning was to watch Caleb interact with the other kids. He just stood in the middle of them taking in their conversations. I happened to have my camera on me (from just having taken their picture for our Christmas card) so I had to snap a shot of Caleb.

Hangin with the big kids!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Oh, that is so cute. He wants to be a part of the "big kid" conversation!

mandbrid said...

Hi Kelli
Glad you found my blog - feel free to stop by anytime! You're kids look adorable and I'm excited to spend some time later perusing through your blog. Thanks for saying "HI".