Thursday, June 24, 2010

To Do Thursday!

I am still in love with breaking down the major To Do list week by week. It's is helping me to focus on the little pictures and that way I don't get overwhelmed.

I think I need a logo for these posts (Joanna, are you listening...hint, hint).

Here's how I did last week:

1. Go through Caleb's trains/cars and organize. DONE! All of Caleb's trains are in one bin and his cars are in another. I'm not sure how long it will stay that way. I have been contemplating put his cars and accessories in his room...because remember when we used to play in our rooms?

2. Figure out a worksheet to help organize bills. Semi-DONE! I was able to create a spreadsheet that has our bills outlined, but there is some more information I need to find out in order for it to be complete. It's an excellent start though and will really help us pay things off!

3. Make my first key lime pie. DONE! You can read the recipe here. It was so good and I'm sure I'll make it again soon.

4. Bag up clothes to be donated and take them to the drop-off. Semi-DONE. Most of the clothes are bagged but I have another pile I need to put in a bag and then drop them all off (and the drop off is right next to Hobby Lobby...nice!). Rondell and I are going to finish this tonight as we clean out Caleb's room.

This Week's To Do List

1. Make a new recipe. I have a recipe for this pizza bake that uses biscuits.

2. Clean out Caleb's room. Both kids' clothes are in Caleb's room and I need to go through them and remove all of the Fall/Winter items (better late than never, right?). I also need to box up all of his Little People and donate them to our church nursery (note: need to ask Rondell to bring home boxes!).

3. Take pictures of my progress.

4. Start working on the neglected side of my house. This is an area of our yard that I have paid NO attention to and have recently realized the result of my neglect (I will hesitantly take pictures of said neglect).

5. Break out my new Cricut cartridge and make a binder cover for my BSF notes.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I try so hard to keep my boys' toys organized, but they don't usually stay that way for long:) Your key lime pie sounded so good! And how fun to get a new cricut cartridge. I'm thinking about working on a cricut project today while the boys are at VBS.

Michelle said...

Look at you being all productive! I should take this as inspiration to get my craft room organized, who do I write to to get another 5 hours in the day?lol

Kelli said...

I sure wish you'd send some of your motivation this direction. :( I'm just not feeling it right now. It's been too hot and I don't do heat well. Can't wait for fall...then I'll get back into the swing of things. Trouble is, I have LOTS of company coming later this summer! EEEEEEKKKK!!!! HELP!!!

Joanna said...

We'll chat about your little button! :-) Send me a note with your thoughts.

Ohhh...I remember when I played in my room. But I think I played out of my room more..can't really remember. I was more of an outside kid anyhow. I don't think I was hardly ever inside when I was growing up. I always rode bikes with my neighbor.

I have a pile of stuff in my bedroom on the floor right now that needs to be bagged up for donation. I need to continue running throughout the house and making that pile bigger and get it out of here. Ohh...I also have a car load {no joke} full of stuff that needs to go to the consignment store for the kids. I need to make a phone call and get an appt and start taking things. Gonna call as soon as I finish typing this out! :-)

I am making that key lime pie this weekend...I can't wait!

As far as winter clothes go...I want to buy some under the bed storage and start putting away Zack and mine, our closet it not big enough to house it all with our Summer clothes as well. Sounds like a weekend plan.

Carrie said...

It's impossible around our house to actually keep the toys in their designated areas of the house...every time I put a pile of toys in the basement or in their rooms....they're always back in the family room...oh well :)

I have major clothes to put away and seems so overwhelming to me so here I am on the computer instead! Blah!

Sounds like you're doing great and the recipes sounds yummy! Good luck! I start a new Bible Study tomorrow morning, can't wait. It's Beth Moore Esther: It's tough Being a Woman! Hope it's good and I can really put some effort into it :) Have a great day!

He & Me + 3 said...

You are doing so good with this. I still need to do the basement. Grr. That is a bear. How do I part with toys? Once those are gone so is their babyhood. Wahhhh!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy & Wife said...

Ahhhh, the never-ending battle of keeping the toys organized! I fight it sometimes; others I just let it go :) My mom watched the kids yesterday and took a stab at it - that was a nice treat!

Funny, I also got a new Cricut cartridge recently. It's still in the car, come to think of it! I'm hoping to break it out this week to make some thank you cards as it has the cutest 'thank you'.

Happy {almost} Friday!

Kim3278 said...

Cricut?? Did you say New Cricut Cartridge? Which one?? I am so sad that I have only used mine twice since buying it . I am beginning to have buyers remorse.:(