Thursday, June 17, 2010

To Do Thursday!

This week was a better week as far as production, but I still didn't get everything crossed off. But just like last week, I'm going to keep on pressin' on. I do still really love the idea of breaking down the enormous To Do list week by week! I will say that I realize that I need to make better use of my weekends...

{Note: this week has been crazy, but I'll try and include pictures next time...because what's a post without pictures?}

1. Clean Jamison's closet...DONE! AND...I cleaned out her bookshelf, her Barbies, under her bed, and we picked up 5032 Legos. We thew away about 5 bags of trash...5 bags. Who knew there was that much stuff (aka...junk) in her room...McDonald's toys, papers, old coloring books, etc.

2. Put mulch down in the backyard...DONE! We have three bags left though so I'm going to put it in a few more places, but all of the beds are done...and beautiful.

3. "School's Out for Summer" Brunch prep...almost DONE. I have the menu all planned out, but there are a few more things I need to balloons for some water balloon fun. I'll be sure to show you all about it after it's over.

4. Go through Caleb's trains/cars...NOPE. This item will carry over.

BONUS...I tackled a To Do that I've been wanting to do for a while...I made strawberry JAM (with a lot of help from my friend Katie)! I'll post about that tomorrow.

This Week's To Do List

1. Go through Caleb's trains/cars and organize.

2. Figure out a worksheet to help organize bills.

3. Make my first key lime pie.

4. Bag up clothes to be donated and take them to the drop-off.

What's on your list...join me.


Angie S said...

Layla put a shirt on this morning and it was way too tight...time for me to go thru her closet. I did manage to get rid of some toys, but the clothes have got to be taken care of soon.

Oh and Key lime pie...yum!

I just love the way mulch makes a yard look complete!

Kelli said...

It seems I'm going through closets every time I turn around. These kids grow like WEEDS!
You're doing a great job on your to-do lists! Keep up the good work. Wish I could keep up with you!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy & Wife said...

Sounds like it was a productive week! I'm sure it feels good to accomplish all of those 'to-do's :)

I need to start doing something along these lines. I am really organized when it comes to work...just need to apply that to my household consistently!

Can't wait to hear more about the strawberry jam!

Miller Racing Family said...

Wow, great job! The trains and cars would be a horrible thing for me to clean out. Trey can't part with any matchbox cars. Thanks goodness they are so small.
Have a great day!

paige said...

girl , you are leading the pack on getting things done. i always feel like during the summertime i am so unorganized & that drives me nuts.
we love our homemade strawberry jam too. made sandwiches with fresh peanut butter yesterday...seriously yummy

have a great weekend