Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Husband!

To my Favorite Super Hero.

To my Favorite snuggle partner.

To my Favorite person to see all dressed up.

To my Favorite traveling companion.

To my Favorite Giants fan.

To my Favorite person to be around.

Happy 34th Birthday Rondell!


jaydee said...

Kelli, he sure is one handsome husband. Your tribute to him was so heartfelt. I loved it.
Happy Birthday, Rondell.
Hugs to you both

Emily said...

Happy birthday to your all around favorite guy!!

Stacey Thomas said...

Happy Birthday Rondell!

Kelli, these are some very nice pics and what a fantastic birthday post.

Have a great weekend you two!


Joy said...

I love how you titled you post Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE husband! That's great! Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a super sweet post with a bunch of great pictures. Happy Birthday Rondell.

Rondell said...

Thank you, Sunshine! And thank you to everyone for the birthday hugs/wishes/compliments!

{Bobbi} said...

Right before Fathers Day? He gets a GOOD week! Lucky! ;) I bet you made his day special. Hope you all relax and have fun this weekend.

Kelli said...

Happy birthday, Rondell! :) Hope you have had a terrific day! I am sure that Kelli has made it super special. :)

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday Rondell!!! Loved the picture of the kids and him all dressed up at church!! And the one of you and him's great! Hope he had a wonderful day.