Friday, June 4, 2010

Thanking God on Friday!

~ I am thankful for the internet. I would like to make strawberry jam at some point this summer and I am getting a lot of information on how to do it...from blogs to websites to videos! It is amazing the amount of information you can get (which, could also be bad) from the internet. I've seen this post and others about making jam and I really hope they will help me with this tackle.

Does anyone know how to seal the jars after filling them with jam?

~ I am thankful that Stampin Up! is offering a discount to become a demonstrator. This is something I've been pondering for a while and this just may be the push I need. I'll keep you posted...want some stamps?

~ I am thankful that Rondell had a light schedule this week. We were able spend a lot of time together...and Caleb especially loved having him home to play Wii.

~ I am thankful that Home Depot has its Kid's Workshop. If you haven't heard of this click here and check it out. It's a great (and FREE) way for kids to learn to be handy and to spend some quality time with their parents. Jamison looks forward to it every month.


jaydee said...

Kelli, wonderful things to be thankful for. Have fun making your jam. No help on sealing for you, sorry!
I think signing up would be a good thing for you - and it is a great deal right now.
Have a fabulous weekend

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Yum! Strawberry jam sounds so good! I love that you can find all kinds of information so easily! How fun to be a Stampin Up demonstrator! I hope you have a great weekend:)

Stacey Thomas said...

Kelli, I do a lot of home canning, and I also make a lot of jam. You seal the jars using a water bath canner. They are inexpensive and a great investment, they can be found at WalMart. I highly recommend the Ball Blue Book of Canning for you as a beginner. It's fabulous, and again, inexpensive and can be found at WalMart.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help you.

Home canning is a dying art...I'm thrilled that you're going to try it out!


schwadette said...

for the jam.... you could just make strawberry freezer jam. if you want to try canning... meijer has ALL the supplies for a good price. it's SO easy! like Stacey said... the Ball Blue Book is WONDERFUL!!!

Kelli said...

I do freezer jam, so no sealing required. The whole family loves it and I've never done it any other way. SO yummy and fresh-tasting all year long!

You always seem to have such a grateful heart. :) I'm glad I discovered your blog.

He & Me + 3 said...

I love stampin up and I have been meaning to check out the HOme Depot Kid's workshops. My kids would love that too.

Emily said...

I made some strawberry jam this was insanely easy and even more insanely YUMMY!!! Strawberries are pretty much gone for us here but blackberries and blueberries are in season now, so we're going picking this week and hopefully jaming up some more!