Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday - Kitchen Cabinets

So, I told you guys that I'm trying to do these tackles. I haven't completed my list, but basically I am making a list of everything that needs to be done around the house and I'm trying to tackle it in an order that's manageable...basically I'm not ready to tackle the garage right now because it's freezing outside nor am I ready to tackle our master closet because we'll have to put some money into shelving in there (not in the budget at the moment).

My first tackle was my kitchen cabinets. I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place...I think it helps when you're cooking and when you have to make your grocery list.

Here's what they looked like:

Yup, that's it...we don't have a lot of cabinets in our house...it's a smaller house (one that I LOVE!). But for me things were out of order and there was stuff tossed everywhere.

We also have a made up pantry on the door going down to our basement. Oh how I would love to have a real pantry. This holds cans, jars, pasta and overflow items...as you can see we're a little low.

I started with my spices. I like to have them divided, spices on one side and baking spices on the other. I pulled everything out first and checked to see if things were expired (like those two containers of baking powder). I also found this:

Why do I forget every Thanksgiving that I already have sage?

I put the less-frequently used spices in the back...I love those Blazin' Blends but that's for the summer when we have burgers and steak on the grill. We use Old Bay when we're in Florida...which is where I got that huge container of salt (we didn't pack salt...we will this year).

Then of course I had to have my most favorite spices in the front...who can live without these:

What spices are in the front of your cabinet?

Does everyone have a bag like this in their cabinets?:

My plan is to buy a container to hold these in instead of a ziplock. But you never know when that Taco Bell sauce will come in handy!

Here's one side of the spice shelf:

And the other side:

These are the two shelves above the spice shelf. They basically hold baking items. You would think we bake a lot and we don't.

Here's the kids cabinet as I like to think of it. It holds things that the kids need for lunch, snack and breakfast (we're out of oatmeal I discovered). I keep the bread there too because when it was on top of the toaster oven the bag kept getting melted...wonder how that happened??? Oh and note to self...only buy JIF.

That's it! I don't have an after of the "pantry" because it pretty much looks the same. Now I can see where things are better and tell what we are running low on or are out of...like oatmeal.

Happy Tackling...


Michelle said...

Looks great!!! I too dream of a large pantry- wouldn't that be nice!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love the jars with the snacks in them! I have a cookie jar just like them! The one thing that is almost always organized in my house is my pantry. The rest of the house can look like a tornado hit...but my pantry is lined up nice and neat with all the cans and boxes in rows!

Carrie said...

oh great job! I definitely have a ziploc of sauces, haha! Our pantry is quite a mess right now...and I don't even know what's in the back...I need to get it cleaned out too! Great tackle...and I love garlic powder! ;)

Upstatemomof3 said...

What a great tackle!! We have the HUGE spices from Sam's Club and I am terrible about keeping them disorganized. I also tend to rebuy things I only use once a year. :)

Kelli said...

Good work! :) It always feels good to get better organized, doesn't it? I just wish I could keep things that way. I don't have a problem GETTING it organized, but I DEFINITELY struggle with maintaining it.

Angie S said...

Gosh...my pantry gets so out of hand so fast.

I really need to get my hiney in there!!

Miller Racing Family said...

Looks like you made some progress.
I think kitchen cabinets are the worst to keep organized. I totally need to tackle my spice cabinet. I can never find what I am looking for which totally burns me when I don't have a certain spice for a recipe. Or like you said I have two of a spice that I only use once a year.
Great job on this tackle.

Lyndsey said...

I so want a pantry in my next house. Although I have a little cabinet downstairs I put extras in and then ALWAYS forget to check it before I go to the store!

Kelly said...

You know, you always think, "Why would I ever need this sauce? Eh... I guess I'll keep it." But the other day when Chick-fil-a forgot (for the first time EVER!) to put my BBQ sauce in my bag, I was so happy that I had some extras lying around!

Kelli said...

Way to go Kelli! Sometimes it's the little things that make you feel like you accomplished something in a day. I, like you, love to have my spices organized. I'm hoping to find a low-cost spice rack to keep on my counter. I used to have one and it's so handy. That might be something you could explore for your spices since you have limited space. :)

phasejumper said...

Great Job! The condiment bag cracked me up! I have one too! (I'm a Jif-only girl also.)