Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby Steps

This organizing project is taking me longer than expected. I'm leaning on God for patience because I have the tendency to want it all...NOW. But these things take time. I got most of her bookshelf cleaned off (just not the top, which has a few how I conveniently left it out of the picture!). I pulled off all of the books that were either damaged beyond repair or too young for her. I decided to leave her puzzle where they are on the top shelf for easy access for her and not so much for Caleb.

I still need to think of some things for the shelves that are empty. Any suggestions?

Here's the basket of stuff that will go to Caleb's room (that's the next organization project):

And that's all I've done so far. I have piles right now: one of things to throw away, one of things that I might give to Caleb and a pile of things that I may donate.
I have decided that I'd like to do a board in her room so that she can put up pictures of her friends and art that she does or art that her friends give her. You know those boards have ribbon in Xs where you put things and don't have to use tacks? So I'll be on the hunt for that this week and the letters for her name.
I did also clean out my kids' know the one that has their plates and cups and snacks. I don't have a before picture because I didn't know I was going to do it until I was in the middle. You know how that happens, something falls out and you get frustrated that the cabinet is so stuffed that you end up pulling everything out and organizing. That's what happened to me today. Here's the end result (which only took about 10 minutes!):
I do have a plan to have a cuter snack container (see my boring one up at the top on the right?). I'd like to have a container where I can use rub-ons that say "Snacks." But I'm not to the kitchen yet...I say that to remind think of Jamison's room right now! Patience!


schwadette said...

mom and i went to hobby lobby last night, and they had some cute photo things like what you're looking for. wall decor is 50% off this week - so they might qualify! they're pretty easy to make too.... :)

jenjen said...

Great job Kelli! You have been working hard. I need to do some of that around here!


-Julie said...

Great job! I would suggest some storage boxes or baskets to fill up the spaces on the for later. They have cute ones at Target that have a chalkboard side for labeling.

Ally said...

Hey Kelli!
I was actually going to suggest leaving the empty spaces empty. It's "room to grow". It probably only stands out to you now cause you aren't used to seeing it that way, but I don't think it looks bad at all...just neat and uncluttered.
Or you could go with empty lined baskets if you really want to fill the space now--it'd still be room to grow.
As for those ribbon corkboards...I bet you could make one yourself with some cute ribbon and upholstery tacks--it's probably be cheaper and just how you want it.

GOOD JOB! I know it feels so good to see things getting clean and uncluttered--makes the hard work worth it.

Ms. Tee said...

That looks great! If you want something for the empty space, maybe a little basket with a colorful liner or a little globe? It looks so neat and uncluttered - I need to get going at my house!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Hi Kelli,

At least you're actually taking those baby steps, so try not to get too frustrated!! You're making great progress. Wouldn't it be fun if you added a couple of curtains using tension rods to spruce up Jamison's shelf? I really like the idea of using a ribbon board. That would look super cute!!

And, you crack me up with the snack container, but I would want mine to be cuter, too, so I shouldn't be saying anything!