Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Blogging and organizing my home has made me want to be craftier (is that even a word...see I'm being crafty even with my vocabulary). I used to scrapbook a lot and still have a love for it and I'm getting the itch to dive back into this very expensive habit. Scrapbook tools help so much with organizing and labeling...and I'm falling in love with ribbon.

Just look at this example of how some ribbon and crafting tools help keep things in order:

Don't I wish this was something actually in my house. I love the labels and even the holders for the paper. This lets all of the color paper show and add to the look.

So, I'm getting ready to take a free class at a local scrapbook store to help learn about all of the tools available (watch out checkbook!). I've also heard about this great tool but it is very much out of my price day maybe.

My dream is to have a craft space, not just for scrapbooking but being creative in general. I saw this room on a website recently and fell in love. Who wouldn't?

I love the J hanging on the wall...of course I would have a K.

Look at that organization and all of the colors matched with the brown it!

More inspiration and more color. I could really get a lot of work done here...can I come over Jill?

I need to get in the basement and see everything that I already have in order to figure out what I need (ha, need...that's funny).
Fun times!


jenjen said...

I know! Aren't there the best ideas in the blogging world??? It's almost mind boggling. I try to enjoy it and not get overwhelmed.

Thanks for the fun pics!


The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

Wow...that room is beautiful! When we finish our basement we are going to create a playroom down there for the kiddies. It is my hope that after they have outgrown a need for a playroom I can turn it into a room like that. On that same note, I absolutely DO NOT want them to grow ANY FASTER than they already I'm going to be very patient!!! Ha!!!

Loved the post!

Dallas said...

I'm jealous! i want that craft room...maybe a rich relative will leave us a lot of money in their will because that is the ONLY way it is going to happen :).

The Bates Family said...

Drool, gag, dream on (Kelli Bates). It's exactly what you said, "Look out checkbook!" I think I could manage a space like this, but WHERE is the question? We're already running out of space! Anyways, when you get your creative space up and running, let me know so I can attempt to copy you. =)

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Wow, that is one awesome craft room. I dream about rooms like that...

DomesticDivasFancy said...

This room is fabulous isnt it? Are you on twopeasinabucket too? I wanted to stop by and thank you for following. Hope to see ya around again soon.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...


Have fun diving {back} into the world of crafting! You posted some very inspiring pictures (that kind of make me a little jealous actually). I love being crafty, and also agree it can be an expensive habit. Just try to get the basics of what you need and borrow the rest. :) Hope you enjoy getting back into scrapbooking. Tell us how it goes!

Oh, and I love the picture of the tags with the ribbon. I'm going to have to "borrow" that idea from whoever came up with that! :)