Sunday, April 27, 2008


This past Saturday Jamison and I participated in our church's ServeFest with other members from our Small Group. Twice a year our church organizes this huge event where members of our church go out and serve in different parts of the community. One year we helped (and by "we" I mean that the husbands helped and the wives watches the kids) build a playground at a local elementary school. For the past couple of ServeFests we have gone to this nursing home of have our children bring smiles to the elderly. The kids really do have a good time and the older people really like that we come and visit.

Here's the kids singing!

Jamison & Isabelle

The Gang: Bryce, Madeline, Isabelle, Jamison, Reese & Samuel

Our Small Group is one of the best things to happen to Rondell and I. We have developed friendships, and our kids have too! We have grown in our faith since joining this group and have had a lot of fun. We love you Small Group!

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