Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Funny Jamison Story

One day recently Rondell and I had some things that we needed to get done, buy Caleb new shoes and clothes, stop by Target...just usual errands. Well as we were leaving I told Jamison that we were running some errands. She sounded excited and off we went. While we were out she kept asking me when she was going to Aaron's house (he's a student in her class). I repeatedly told her that we weren't going to Aaron's house. Finally when we pull in the garage once we're done Jamison says "but you said we were going to Aaron's." Rondell FINALLY put it all together and we realized that when I said errand she thought I meant Aaron. Rondell and I couldn't help but laugh (after we tried to explain what an errand is of course). Bless her little heart!

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