Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday's List - Inside My Purse

I decided to participate in Tuesday's List, hosted by Jessica at love from texas. This week she's asking "what's in your purse?" I've done something like this before here, but the contents have changed a bit (but not much I realize).

So, here's my bag (same bag as before):

I love the colors of this purse, but I realize that I'm too hard on them and I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to need a different kind of purse. Anyways, onto what's inside:

~ My wallet
~ Bag Balm...never leave home without it
~ Keys (office and home)
~ My new $5 ESV Bible...it's so compact
~ Pens...I'm the friend who always has a pen
~ Cough drops
~ Receipts (I really need to find an organization system for receipts)
~ Gum...Extra Spearmint
~ Checkbook
~ BSF notes
~ Candy. It was given to Jamison at church and I took it so she wouldn't eat it all at once (sometimes I end up throwing it away...shh, don't tell)
~ Post it tabs
~ Medicine
~ Cell phone


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I just got a new purse and I love it becasue it has lots of pockets so everything stays organized! My receipts are always a mess in the bottom of my purse too! And I love that you have post its in your purse:)

Love from Texas said...

aww i carried the VB diaper bag tote in that same java blue print for FOREVER! sadly i had to retire it in the fall because i wore it to pieces...

thanks for playing along!

Vivienne said...

I put all of my receipts in my wallet when the checker hands them to me, then when i get home, I put them in the "receipt cup" where they sit until I enter them into Quicken once a week.
The bottom of my purse is filled with loose coins, errant bobby pins and about 2 dozen pens.
(I'm the friend who borrows your pen ans walks off with it...)

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Sounds similar to what's in my purse...I recently cleaned it out, and found a diaper...and NONE of mine wear them...I finally figured out it was from a neighbor's child I watched...over a MONTH ago!

Kelli said...

Kindred spirits, we are! :) I carry pretty much the same things except I always have band aids and wet wipes, too. Oh, and a tape measure. You never know when you'll need a tape measure. ;)

Joy said...

I have a VB in the same java blue print. It's one of my favorite prints in the VB collection!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a beautiful purse. I love the color!

Carrie said...

The receipts are the worst enemy to me and my purse! I can't find anything through all of them! And I can't ever find a pen... I would get on your nerves asking for one all the time, haha! I'm not sure what else is in my purse...not sure I want to know! :) same as my car...always a struggle to keep them both cleaned out!

Julie said...

Such a fun post. I have a Coach bag that I purchased on Ebay and I love it! I am hard on handbags, so I always make sure to have leather.

My pure has:

3 crayons, a little toy man, several pens, my wallet, a coin purse, mom agenda planner, paper tablet, medicine, 2 epi pens (for my little guy that is allergic to all nuts and peanuts), gum, little toy spin tops in a little metal case, lipstick, keys, tissues, inhaler, floss, candy . . .

schwadette said...

oooo... where did you get the $5 ESV?

Angie S said...

I was gonna link up to this, but I forgot! I love your bag...so cute:)

Georgia said...

I'm so sorry, Kelli, it's taken me this long to comment. I've been really busy all week. I will be talking about it on my blog this coming week, so...

This sounds like fun meme. I'm going to check it out. I love your purse! We pretty much carry the same things in our purses, but I smiled though when I read you carry Bag Balm, which I already knew, but it's amazing how many people I know who's never even heard of it. :S I'm like you... I won't go anywhere without my Bag Balm.

I'm playing catch-up with my reading, so be looking for more of my comments to your posts! :) Hope you're having a blessed Sunday! *huge hugs*