Monday, March 31, 2008

My Day as a Stay at Home Mom!

Today Aunt Roni was not able to come over and watch the kids (side note: God bless her for coming over everyday and taking wonderful care of my children and really having and impact on their development!!!). So, I stayed home with them. Man this stay-at-home thing is tough. I take my hat off to all of the mothers and fathers who do this on a daily basis. Today was not a nice day so we were pretty much stuck inside. I did escape for a bit to go to Target and Caleb clapped as we were pulling out of the driveway. Anyways, since I don't do this on a daily basis, I had no routine. I know generally what the kids do during the weekdays but to actually be the one enforcing the weekday routine was strange for some reason. I swear that Jamison's attitude all day made me feel like I was stepping on her territory! But, they are still alive and I hope they enjoyed special time with me, doing puzzles, chasing Caleb, taking a nap (ooh, that was nice!).

Maybe next time it will be a nice day and I can really do some stuff with them. I just enjoy those babies (excuse me...big girl and baby).

Tomorrow we'll be back to leaving them to go to work and then they can rule the house once again!

Here are some pictures from the day, not too exciting but I thought I'd capture the moment:

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