Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Heart Blogs

So, I see now that 2 people read my blog (hi Rondell and Janna!). So I'm going to keep going. Plus it's fun to just write about random stuff.

So, back to the title...I love blogs. On most blogs that I come across there's a sidebar with that person's friends' blogs. I don't have that because I only know one person who blogs...again "Hi Janna." Anyways, so when I visit a blog, at times I click on the other blogs and then on their other blogs and so on. I usually end up finding a blog that's interesting to me and by that I mean the person usually has kids around my kids' ages and they have good tips. I have found that a lot that I look at like to scrapbook like me! I'm always interested in asking about this new digital scrapbooking that I've seen. The newest one that I've come across is here. Sometimes I feel strange looking into other people's lives and I don't even know them, but for some reason it's fun.

So, if you've come across my blog through other blogs, or you're just checking in on me because I've made you look at my blog, know that you are welcome anytime and I hope I have some interesting things for you to read!

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