Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Instagram Photo A Day - May

 So, once again I completed an Instagram Photo A Day.  Unfortunately, I deleted some of the pictures...I didn't remember at the time about posting them on my blog.  Lesson learned.  I'm so excited because I used PicMonkey to create my collage and it was SO easy.  Here's what I have to show you:
1.  Peace - in my happy place {Destin}
3.  Flip flops on our last day at the beach...tear
4.  I love that she considers school work fun...even on vacation
5.  There was a beautiful cardinal on my tree until I scared him away
12.  It makes me happy to have friends who make sweet gifts with my daughter to give to me on Mother's Day
13.  I love my Mommy
14.  So in love with my grass and overall yard after having it beautifully landscaped
15.  This kid loves to be outside
18.  I made these magnets to go with our Family Calendar that I (attempt to) print every month
19.  Home...definitely my favorite place
20.  Can't live without my 3 favorites
22.  Jamison's pink footprint on a stool I made
24.  My new journal from minted...love it!  Thanks to Paige for the recommendation
26.  Swim lessons at noon for the kiddoes
29.  My bro (the super handsome one in the middle) turned 21...on the 29th :)
31.  Friends...definitely a beautiful thing

For June I'm join Erin at Bringing Up Burns for her #JunePhoto366 :)


amyhersheyskisses said...

So so so fun. Love your collage. :))

Rach said...

I LOVE these collages you've been putting together. Fantabulous!

Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

CUTE!! So sorry I haven't been around as much! Life is going so fast lately!!!

Hope your summer is off to a FUN start!!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

good for you for sticking with it! and i know june will be even more wonderful. tis the summertime season! : )