Thursday, May 10, 2012

My New & Improved Yard!!!

I love a well-maintained home.  I don't need to have anything fancy or something so elaborate, but when we do things to maintain our home it just gives me the warm and fuzzies.

While we were in Florida we had two major projects done at our house...we had a new driveway and walkway put in and we had someone come and Spring Clean our yard.

We have had plans for over a year to have our driveway redone because it was broken and had started to sink a little lot.  We had to gun it to get into the garage because of the bump that was created from the driveway sinking.  We also needed to have our walkway redone because it had also sunk.  Luckily, Rondell's uncle does this type of work and he was able to do it for a reasonable fee :)

Another thing we pondered this year was to have someone come to our house and Spring Clean our yard...rake really well, edge the beds, and clean up the weeds.  I just happened to mention this to my neighbor Lyndall who then told me that she does just that!  She agreed to work on our yard while we were gone...what a blessing.

I have talked about what my yard used to look like here.  Over the years we have tried to keep up with the yard and we have done a descent job, but we were ready to take it up a notch...and take it up a notch she did!!!  Just look:
 She edged...she mowed...she weeded...she mulched...we love her!  Here you can also see the new walkway and part of the driveway.  
Here's a before shot.  You can see the how the walkway is lower than it should be and that caused people to have to take an extra big step to get up onto our porch.  You can kind of see the driveway and how cracked it was...we were always afraid that someone was going to fall (I actually did a few times).
 Another shot of her edging and mulching work.  You can also see where our driveway now properly meets the more bumps before pulling in (which we are still kind of trying to get used to).  Also, the bare flower bed used to be the home of a HUGE hosta that Lyndall divided and put in the back (you'll see that in a sec!)
 Look at that beautiful smooth driveway!  Disregard that it's time to mow :) 
She made a much more defined space around our mailbox post...something my mom was going to do this year.
More great edging!  This area is on the corner of the house.

 I once did a post here about how the side of our house was overgrown with weeds and bushes.
 Now it looks like this.  Lyndall cut down a ton of bushes that we had growing on the side of the house.  It looks SO much better now and it's a little lighter in the basement because there aren't any bushes blocking the windows.
 She had to put down some grass seed in front of this bed because the grass was dead due to the overgrown bushes.
 She edged behind our deck and cleaned up my decorative grass (I'm not sure the proper name...brown thumb!)
 She did an amazing job behind our garage.  It was covered in weeds and just needed some edging and TLC.  She turned over the soil, edged and mulched...and this is where she put the divided hosta the used to be in the front.
This part made me gasp and almost brought a tear.  She landscaped this area that simply looked pitiful before.  Now it has definition and looks absolutely gorgeous!

So there you have new and improved yard that I'm just in love with.  It is so refreshing to have some things checked off of the To Do list.

I am grateful for Lyndall and Uncle Larry for all of their hard work!

Now I just have to decide what flowers to buy :)


carissa at lowercase letters said...

it looks wonderful!!! edging makes a yard! or at least that's my man's mantra. have fun choosing flowers!

LeAnna said...

Looking good! I do good to keep the flower beds weeded. Our neighbors are very big into keeping the yard looking nice, and I'm just happy to have it mowed, haha! I grew up on a farm though, so this whole neighborhood thing is new to me. ;)

Stephanie said...

Awesome! I love these things that just make life easier and make you feel good and put together! What a refreshing thing to come home to after vacation! :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Kelli your yard looks amazing! I wish I had a neighbor like that! Our yard has been out of control this year. I think because it got warm so early this seems like the grass has been growing since February!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

It looks SO good, Kelli!!!!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

It looks wonderful!!! How refreshing it must be to come home and see it all spruced up. We have yet to do anything with our yard because we still need to pour a cement pad and walkway, but we just don't have the money to do so. One day. One day :)

Denise said...

it looks great!

we moved 5 months ago to a neglected house. we'll have to wait till next year to give the yard the attention it NEEDS. until then i'm dreaming about the possibilities.

Kim3278 said...

Its gorgeous! I love a clean looking yard. My to do list this weeks includes yard work. While this normally makes me happy to do, the weight I have not yet lost from baby makes me dread it. :( I picture lots of yellows and orange around your house. Tons of options!!!

Rach said...

Think Lyndall would drive all the way down here to work on my yard??? Your yard looks INCREDIBLE!!!! :o)

I know exactly what you mean about a well maintained home. I LOVE it after I've gotten outside and done work. Everything just looks so much (well...) better. :o)

I LOVE hostas--talk about bang for your buck! The five in my back perennial bed MUST be divided this year. Now, the question is, where to put them...:oP

Your driveway and sidewalk are fantabulous as well! What a gorgeous surprise to come home to. :o)

amyhersheyskisses said...

Kelli, I had a small glimpse looking at your picture on Instagram; this is wonderful!!! I wish Lyndall was my neighbor, what a blessing. :))

Angie said...

It looks beautiful! I love it Kelli! I can see why you are so excited. I'm with feels great to have a well groomed yard!

Joanna said...

I need them to come to my house! We have done a lot in the yard, but still have so much more we want to accomplish. Landscaping around the house in the back is part of that. Hopefully we can get to it sometime this year.