Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April Instagram Photo A Day

First, I just have to tel you how excited I am that I was able to create a collage!!!  I used Picasa and it was a bit time consuming & it's not perfect but I'm so proud of it.

Second, I'm so excited that my friend Amy told me about this Instagram Photo Challenge.  It was a lot of fun to capture these little moments (and give into my obsession with Instagram!).

Third, ENJOY!

1. In my kitchen. 2. I love colored pens. 3. Cards I need to send. 4. I love this girl. 5. My tiny devotional...I bought a few for some friends. 6. My traditional Good Friday fish lunch with my mom that I forgot to take a picture of...these were the condiments. 7. Checking out my yard. 8. Gift card from a sweet friend. 9. People say she looks like me. 10. Cold outside. 11. The plate from my morning bagel. 12. Bath time. 13. Found some extra change in my desk drawer. 14. Feeling gloomy. 15. Not-so-good sunset shot. 16. My favorite - sunflowers. 17. Blah...Diet Coke. 18. Look at all that hair! 19. Post it. 20. It's supposed to be 'ringtone' - love Draw Something! 21. Sun tan lotion for Florida. 22. Snacks and supplies for the trip. 23. Caleb's idea of veggies - "it has corn in the name Mom." 24. My friend fixed my swimsuit for me :) 25. Checking out the prep for our new sidewalk. 26. Gray skies. 27. Destin, Florida. 28. At the pool. 29. Mmmm, burgers. 30. A little bummed from reading The Hunger Games.

Stay tuned for May...


Kelli @ RTSM said...

What a fun collage Kelli! I love all your pics! I think the picture a day thing is fun...but I'm not sure I would remember to do it:) I love my Project 365 app that I downloaded...I think Angie shared about it on her blog back in January.

Rach said...

Okay, you're just way too cool with this collage!! :o) LOVE the little vignettes of your life. :o)