Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why Purge?

As my ponder and pray about my 2012 Word I realize that it needs to go beyond just one needs to be totally incorporated into my entire life.  I think before I would pick a word, post about it & then...**crickets**

First, I need to get to the reason for needing to PURGE.  I need to PURGE in order to be closer to be able to listen to His guidance without discern what He has in store for me, not what I think He has in store for me.

I need to PURGE so that I can absorb His Word (like the verses above)...His character.

 I need to PURGE so that my foundation is in HIM...not in things, or people, or blogs, or food, or what others are needs to be in HIM.

There are areas that I know right now need to be PURGED and I am sure more will be revealed to me as I continue to pray about it and follow His lead.  My hope is to share my journey journey to strengthen my relationship with Christ, simplify my home, focus more on my husband/children, reduce distractions, serve others...PURGE.


Carrie said...

That's great Kelli! I hear just what you're saying...and I need to be so much MORE in the word! I feel like I have already put blogging a little aside...{how I miss visiting so many though!} I still get too distacted with the computer...but we are making more time to purge our home of things, and make room for family. I'm not an organized person...but I'm learning that it's a necessity sometimes...planning my meals these two weeks has been so great! I have not had to think up something with what I had 20 mins. before dinner time! I hope I can stick with it! THanks for this wonderful reminder to focus on Him :-) Great luck with this journey, I look forward to hearing more ;-)

Rach said...

I think I knew this is what you meant when you wrote about your word for 2012. You've been striving to be closer to Him for quite some time now, and by purging much of the "extras" from your life, you'll be better able to hear Him.

That's not to say it's an all or nothing thing, for He is surely with all of us in all we do, and we can see Him in others and through what others do.

It's simply a matter of finding balance. By purging the unwanted, unneeded and unworthy, you'll find that balance. :o)

Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

Very well said - there is so much "noise" in our lives that keep us form HIM, that purging is ideal!!

I love it!


amyhersheyskisses said...

Amen. You're on the right track and completely inspiring me as well. I'm still stuck with my word. I'm trying to be content as I'm stuck. :)