Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sing Off - Caleb Style

Over the weekend Caleb had his Christmas performance at his daycare.  He had been practicing the songs all over the house for weeks so we were really interested to see how he would do up on stage.  For the most part he did a great job and I was impressed at how well he knew each song.  Here are some pictures from the day (please excuse the not-so-good pictures):
Classic Caleb face...getting ready to get his sing on :)
The performance included a ton of hands motions and Caleb had each one memorized.
Look at those hands go!
For most of the performance he was all smiles...but for 2 or 3 songs he was like this:
We have no idea why...he just wouldn't sing.  Afterwards he said he was tired and that's why he didn't sing.  I guess being a star is hard work!


Nancy said...

I love all of the performance hand movements. Being a star is hard work!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love his smile in the fourth picture! I bet he did an amazing job singing:)

Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

Oh my goodness- he is SO CUTE!!!I love the "cool" look on his face!



Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

I love your pictures you captured from his performance!! What a great perspective, "being a star is hard work!" Well said. :)

Sarah said...

His facial expressions are so cute :)

Rach said...

My goodness he's a cutie patootie!

At least he sat there quietly. Lil decided to entertain those around her by talking to them during HER performance. Oy. ;o)

Miller Racing Family said...

I always love when the kiddos get into the actions. Love the last photo. He is truly a star. Blessings.

Carrie said...

that is so cute! I miss those sweet performances so much! Alex would never sing at these things when he was in preschool, so it's so much fun to watch him now when he participates and has a good time! I love that Caleb...he is sure a super star...he needs to rest that precious voice! ;-)

Kim3278 said...

In he look just like Ron and then I scroll down to smile picture and he looks just like you. What a cutie patoottie!