Thursday, December 29, 2011

Note to Self...

Each year after Christmas is all over I think to myself all of the things I want to do differently or things I want to add to our festivities.  But that is the problem...I just think to myself and I do not write it down.  What happens then is that I forget these things & end up being frustrated with myself.

But that changes today because I am here to write a note to myself so that these thoughts are documented.

Dear Kelli:

*  Start shopping September early.  The key however, is to make sure you put all of these early gifts in ONE spot so that you don't lose them before Christmas (remember the MP3 player?).  This way you will not be running all over town trying to pick up gifts in the weeks leading up to'll be able to relax a little and enjoy WHY we are celebrating.

*  And while you are out there shopping early, make sure to pick up a few extra gifts for that person you may have forgotten or that neighbor that needs an additional pick me some gift cards, or candles, or books.

*  And while we are on the subject of early...make sure to start your Christmas cards early.  Because you waited until the last minute you were crammed and you had to limited the number that you sent out this year. If you start early you will be able to pace yourself and do small steps at a time...cut the base one day, cut the accents another day, etc.  In the end you will be much happier.
*  Remember to celebrate Him more during this time.  Read Scripture surrounding His conception and birth. Take time to make sure that you still remember the verses from Luke 2.

*  Make cookies with your children.  So what if it makes the kitchen dirty or if they don't turn out will be something that you will always will be something that THEY will always remember.  Remember how you loved making cookies with your mom when you were younger and how you still enjoy it even now...that's how they will feel too.

*  Go through and donate your kids' old toys before Christmas so that you have room for the new do not have enough space to double the inventory.

*  Go to the little kiosk in the mall to get the kids an ornament with his/her name on it.
*  If you host Christmas Eve again do not wait until after your family leaves to wrap gifts.  If you do, you will  have cleaning up AND wrapping to do and will be up very, very late.  Remember that Mommy and Rondell did not let you get away with not wrapping this year.

*  Buy more eggs...and paper towels...and spices...because you do not want to have to send Rondell out again on Christmas because you are short on eggs (and out of paper towels).  Luckily Mommy had pepper for your "pepper emergency" this year but you should make sure you are stocked on these things just in case.  In other words...plan your meals down to the last ingredient...even pepper.

*  Take a picture of the tree before the gifts are opened.  You always forget this.  See, if you had wrapped the gifts beforehand then you would have had more opportunities to get this shot...just sayin'.
*  Make more treats like these and these.  It was so much fun to bag up those hug treats and give them to co-workers and neighbors.  The jars were SO easy to make and also a big hit...the only change would be to maybe use smaller cards as tags or print off Mel's instructions to add as labels.

*  Lastly, make a better effort to do some fun activities leading up to Christmas...get hot chocolate, go see the lights at the zoo, make a gingerbread house, etc.  As much as you love tradition remember that you are now developing traditions for your family to cherish.


Drew's Mom said...

Oh wow.. I need to do a list like this for myself. It would hopefully make next Christmas run more smoothly.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Great post, Kelli!! I might actually do this for myself, as well. I was so disappointed in all of the rushing around I did for the last week of Christmas. I want it to be different next year!! Thanks for sharing!

P.S. Repost this for me in August if I don't end up writing my own. :)

The Starr Family said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes... nodding my head to all of them!!! Some things just take us a few years to really learn :) I'm still learning!

paige said...

i just told my hubby that next year i really want to start my shopping early too, like september early ;)

Sarah said...

This is unrelated, but- your cards are beautiful!

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Kelli, this is an adorable post to yourself. :) What a fun way to remember all of the things too that you forgot (like the pepper!) I forgot where I hid a gift this year for miss and found it on Christmas morning after the unwrapping was done- It was one I bought September early. ;)
I too think your cards are beautiful!! :))

Mike and Katie said...

This is a really funny list! Now if you can only keep it handy so you remember it next year!