Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mommy Tips and Tools

My blog friend Kelli tagged me and I'm supposed to share two topics:

My top 5 baby/children tips that work for me are:

1. Routine is key. My kids function so much better when they have an idea of what is coming next. It also helps to make sure that I'm getting everything done for them that needs to be done.

2. Getting down on their level. When I bend down and look my children in the eye to explain something to them or to listen to a story one of them is telling me, it has a bigger impact. Also, when I try and think on their level, to understand their behavior, I can adjust my actions to work through the situation.

3. Read, read, read to them.

4. I try and remember that I don't have to do what other mothers are doing, I need to use God's guidance and raise my children according to their needs.

5. They're only young once...stop and enjoy them.

My top 5 kid products that I couldn't live without are:

1. Wipes. By far wipes are my favorite baby/toddler/big girl product. I carry them wherever I go and I use them for diaper changes, spills, cleaning dirty noses, etc.

2. Our wagon. We use our wagon for so many things and it comes in handy when the kids get tired and no longer want to walk if we're out for long periods of time.

3. Exersaucer/bouncy seat. These two had the same purpose when my kids were younger. It kept them entertained and I was able to do things around the house.

4. Portable DVD player. I know this may go against many views but it comes in handy for us on road trips and for times when we are going to a place where the kids have to be entertained for a bit.

5. Snacks. I know this sounds funny, but snacks have saved us from serious meltdowns. They help when you're stuck at the doctor's office longer than expected, or on long car rides, or when you're sitting on the sidelines of your other child's soccer game.


Ruby Red Slippers said...

I like this list!
I agree with routine-I NEED the routine as much as they do...

Carrie said...

Snacks work wonders around here too! haha! Sometimes I forget that their little tummies need a few extra snacks to get them through! I love wipes too! I use them for everything, and it allows the kids to clean themselves off...every night after they're excused from dinner my first words are "Get a wipe and clean your face!" :)

Fun post! {And can't wait to see Jamison's smile tomorrow :) Glad you don't think I'm a copy cat! Alex even had a dentist appt. today and wouldn't let the dentist pull it! He's like me...if I can put something off until later...I try! haha!}

this blessed nest said...

love your list. routine. so important for our household. i also allow my oldest to decide on one thing he wants all of us to do or play. to help him to make decisions.

Angie S said...

What a great list! I love our routine and the kids do too.

We love to read and will use books and the portable DVD player too on trips.

Lauren said...

Ditto the snacks!!

Creekmore's said...

I love #4! I tell my new mom/expecting mom friends all the time that just because it works for one mom/baby doesn't mean it will work for them. Every baby is different and different things work for different ones.

jenjen said...

Very true! I love having a DVD player for trips. I told my kids that we can only watch it when we go somewhere farther than 1 hour away. They love going on trips now. Wipes are a necessity - I keep them in my purse. You never know when you need one!

Good tips!


Katie said...

I have to second the read, read, read to them. Think I'm required as a teacher☺ Your snacks tip totally made me smile cause you are so right! Can't tell you how many times that's saved the day.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Great lists! We didn't have an exersaucer with my first two...and I didn't know what I was missing until we got one for Eli!! They are wonderful!

Casey said...

great tips and list. Snacks are a saving grace for me so often. I carry them every where we go. Wish I could get a routine down pat, I know my kids would benefit for much from it. Still trying though (after 4 years).