Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cheaper IS Better

The other day we were all eating dinner as a family, one of my favorite things to do. All of a sudden Caleb started screaming and would not eat, very unusual for Bubby. I thought he wanted bread, but no, more screaming. I tried to let him feed himself, but no, more screaming. Then I though maybe he was thirsty so Rondell got his brand new sippy Nuby cup and filled it with watered down juice, but no, more screaming. After looking at him and going with Mommy instinct I realized that it was JAMISON's cup that he wanted. The cheap princess cup that I bought her for Christmas (I mean SANTA bought her). I thought to myself "no, he won't be able to drink from this cup, he has to start of with these expensive starter cups for babies." HA! I asked Jamison if Caleb could have her juice and she said "yes" and he sucked that juice down like he's been drinking from those cups for years. So I guess in this case cheaper is better.

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